Smith-Hutson Scholarship

Dedicated to providing opportunities to students who otherwise may not have a chance to earn a baccalaureate degree, the Smith-Hutson Scholarship Program is targeted toward individuals with demonstrated financial need and academic potential.   The Smith-Hutson Scholarship Program provides educational opportunities for Texas high school graduates pursuing a business degree in one of the ten majors offered through the College of Business Administration at Sam Houston State University.  In the 2011-2012 academic year, 26 new Smith-Hutson Scholars were added to the program.  Of these, 25 were incoming freshmen and one was a transfer student into the banking program.

Currently the program is in its 16th year of operation having been established in 1996 by an anonymous donor.  To date, 136 students have graduated as Smith-Hutson Scholars.  The Program awards between 10-35 new scholarships each academic year.  The total number of Scholars who are supported by the Program varies each year depending on new scholarships awarded and those students who graduate or drop out of the program.  Currently, over 60 students are supported by the Smith-Hutson Scholarship Program with each receiving financial support up to a maximum of $14,000 per academic year. Other scholarships and awards received by a student reduce the Smith-Hutson award and the amount to be awarded is calculated each semester based on these other awards.  The scholarship is renewed for a total of four years as long as the student maintains the scholarship requirements.  Smith-Hutson Scholars also benefit from tutorial support and academic advising from one of the College's Assistant Deans.